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Penile Prosthesis Implantation


Video Example of Prosthesis #1 and Example #2

Approximately 10% of all adult males are impotent, and of that group, only half really care. Implantation of a penile implant surgery is one of many options available to these erectilely impaired, and should be looked upon as a last resort.

Other alternatives include oral medications, urethral suppositories, intracorporeal injections, vacuum erection devices and behavioral modifications.  Specially qualified patients with focal areas of arterial occlusion may consider penile revascularization.

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By the late 1970's malleable rods and inflatable prosthesis were in clinical use. Modifications that followed include the fluid rod (which eliminated the scrotal pump), and the gooseneck (malleable made possible by a column of polysulfon discs traversed by an axial cable). The major advantage of the prosthesis is ready availability. This may be an attractive option to patients who loathe needles and excessive use of lubricants. The drawback has been summed up by the party line: "the penile prosthesis is a mechanical device and as such is not guaranteed to last indefinitely." Regretfully survival rates have been exaggerated. The malleable rod may last a lifetime, whereas the inflatable model averages about 6 plus years when all procedures performed are taken into account.

Complications other than fluid loss include infection (2% to 8%), prolonged discomfort after surgery (5%), hematoma (collection of blood in the incisional area) and occasional columnization of urine in the urethra (this is addressed by spending a few extra moments to shake off the last drops). Despite these cautionary remarks, a well installed prosthesis inspires life long patient gratitude. Patient and partner satisfaction runs about 85% to 90%. An introvert with a penile prosthesis will not an extrovert be, nor barring unusual circumstances will its simple installation lengthen the penis. Most patients comment their prosthetic erection length is about 1/2" shorter than their best erections of yesteryear.  Patients with long penises may experience some degree of flexion in the erect mode. Our office has had favorable experience with simultaneous penis enlargement, penile lengthening or phalloplasty procedures including pubic liposuction and variable experience with girth enhancement procedures. While some patients believe the deciding factor which regulates how early one can resume sex depends upon whether you have a private room or a semi-private room, about 6 weeks of downtime is recommended. Comprehensive surgical fee ranges between $8,000.00 and $16,000 depending upon type of prosthesis used and whether the case is a revision or virginal procedure. Example, for installation of a Mentor (now Coloplast) Alpha One Titan Inflatable Penile Prosthesis with reservoir lock-out valve feature (prevents spontaneous erections)...  our fee is 16,000 complete.

For an AMS (American Medical Systems ) LGX (length and girth expansion) latest model prosthesis with Inhibizone (antibacterial covering), reservoir lock-out feature, our fee is $16,500. complete. Complete means surgery, use of the operating room, the costly prosthesis, anesthesia, nursing care, AMS instructional kit with DVD if applicable and post-operative visits. Both products carry a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Consultation is $250. Please call us for details.

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THE REED CENTRE specializes in penis enlargement surgeries, including penis lengthening or phalloplasty and
penis girth enhancement.

Penis Enlargement Surgery:

Penile lengthening techniques or phalloplasty have been described in the urological literature for at least 40 years.  Average penis erect lengths measured with a ruler placed gently on the pubic skin vary from 5 3/8 to 5 3/4 inches depending upon the city and year the study was performed.  Many men with below average penis measurements may still appear normal and function quite well.  For this reason, penis enlargement / penile enhancement / phalloplasty should be considered an elective procedure.  

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